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Dear Cheryl,
     You mention that your son has ADHD/ADD. Have your read about the
Inddigo/Crystal/New Children, the various names used to refer to
children being born in the last 25 years who are considered to
represent a evolution in consciousness. Many of these children are
diagnosed as having ADHD/ADD as well as autism and other "disorders".
There is a Sudbury school that is named after these children in Canada,
The Indigo Sudbury Campus near Edmunton, Alberta, Canada. Several
books have been written about the subject: "The Indigo Children; The
New Kids Have Arrived" and "An Indigo Celebration" both by Lee Carroll
& Jan Tober, " The Care And Feeding Of Indigo Children" by Doreen
Virture. These books were essentially the first and are great primers
on the ssubject. And the later is the most helpful information about
these children. Even if you don't feel comfortable about the spiritual
side of this I'm sure will find these books have practical advice to
offer. From all that I know about the Sudbury Model they are a
wonderful fit for many ADHD/ADD children. Also the reason that so many
ADHD/ADD children can focus on what interests them is just that. They
are interested in what they are learning. From the "Indigo" point of
view why would they want to learn something they're not interested in.
The Indigo books talk a lot about this. Basically these new children
just don't see the point of spending time on things that don't interest
     I have practiced as a speech pathologist for the last 12 years and
in the last 3 years have opened up to a beautiful spiritual life and
emerging practice as a healer. I am in the process of giving up my
speech pathology practice because I don't believe in what I'm doing any
more. I have dealt with many of these "New Children" and know that I
have much more to offer them as a healer. From my point of view
standard public education is a toxic environment for ALL involved. It
replicates the American obsession of More Is Better, no matter what
that "more" is. We have a trash compactor style of education. Just keep
shoving it in without thought to relevance or developmenatl
appropriateness, or joy, or creativity ... Hooray for Sudbury Valley!!!!
    Hope this helps.

                       Margaret Clifford
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