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I'm not quite sure if I'm understanding all that you said; but I think you
were suggesting that with more parental advocacy and more flexibility
regarding learning style, that public school might be more successful with
the "challenged" kids. I guess I would agree that that's better than
nothing. However, I was very much the parent advocate, we had the IEP, we
had sensory integration therapy, and they tried to work as flexibly as they
could with his learning style (but only as it fit that model,of course). I
think that last part was the biggest joke. Supposedly letting him try out
different ways to sit, ie on a ball, and having a brief break of walking
down the hall to get in some activity was supposed to help! They really
just don't get it, IMHO. In addition, all of this just singled him out as
having problems, regardless of how much everyone tried to say that "all kids
just have their different strengths and weaknesses." "Actions speak louder
than words", too, however.

Your welcome,
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> Anne.. your statement. wraps up a lot of what is a problem in some
> public school. The forced control.. especially in the younger years ,
> seems to jam the life force.. backing up into self destructive
> behaviors, or disabled.. detaching the life force.
> With sid, sensory Integration disorders.. processing.. even something
> they may like.. but struggle with ..
> When my oldest was in public till 2.. much of the work was about
> control.. then we homeschooled. He just entered 8 grade public.. by
> choice..
> and while it seems some children thrive in a public school environment..
> many are locked up. he is definitely seeing the freedom of choice he had.
> , and how the rules, for children.can be restrictive.
> the problem lays with parents who need to take more responsibility
> for their individual children and be more advocate within the
> and take the heat from their fear.
> I made the public system run a iep(individual Ed program) on my son, when
> we reentered.. I didn't consider that he was a "challenged", but knew..
> just thrown in.. to their way of schooling. .. could jam him. I told
> them Sid.. because of him being a free child, and him and me, having to
> accommodate and compensate for their lack of system freedom.
> .. although the public is still unequipped to with all
> the years I adjusted my son then had the tools and his brain chemistry
> matured.. bringing him and new balance and desire to learn.
> But they do understand, style learning. And it has seemed. there is
> with older .. more openness for some of the work to be met in different
> learning skills. When each parents can make more demand.. it will make
> the public have to be more aware of the change needed. It is
> overwhelming to think if every parent suddenly came to school and said
> .. test my child.. how overwhelmed.
> The system is about handling the masses.. not whole child...
> the whole thing.. leave no child behind.. gezz.. when thats exactly
> what happens to so many.. their child essence is left alone.
> I was told that a learning style test was part of the iep.. why can't
> each student just have that up front.. every 5 years.. for developmental
> growth. They do it backwards.
> With public ..Some he still dislikes.. and misses his free time.. for
> creative force lead learning.. but the agreement was to finish out the
> year.But he does like having more social interaction.. although he talks
> about the lack of thinking so many children do.. .(theres the disabled)
> Part of what led me to this group, and indigo groups. was the hopes a
> collaboration of sorts, can still happen here..a nd learning what it
> takes to do a Sudbury... for highschool..
> thanks for your words that helped me process .my thoughts. Kim
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> I really believe that the public school model of forcing kids to sit =
> around all day and learn what they're not interested in, is what creates
> =
> learning disabilities and ADD, at least for many kids. It is the result
> =
> of a disabled spirit. When left to learn freely, even kids with "real" =
> disabilities will learn to accommodate and compensate. The human brain,
> =
> and being, is amazing in that way; but you have to allow it to happen.
> =20
> Good luck!
> Ann Ide
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