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From: Woty <>
Date: Thu Feb 16 17:25:00 2006

I think the fact that a staff member wrote a book describing the role
of the school as teaching disordered/'different' children suggests
that the Albany Free School is distinct from Sudbury in children's
freedom from interference as well as in its governance.


On Feb 16, 2006, at 16:19, Marvin K. Mooney wrote:

> The albany free school is not sudbury model in terms
> of its governance structure, but the freedom to move
> about and choose their activities is very similar (my
> nephew has attended there in the past). One of the
> staff at the free school has written a book called
> "Teaching the Restless : One School's Remarkable
> no-Ritalin Approach to Helping Children Learn and
> Succeed". It discusses in a largely anecdotal fashion
> their experiences with children who come to the school
> with these sorts of diagnoses and how they fare in a
> less restrictive environment. I think it is worth a
> read if you are interested in this topic even if you
> do not agree with the way the free school runs
> themselves.
> Courtney Chase
> --- cheryl huff <> wrote:
>> I have been looking into the Sudbury model for
>> months to better understand it and have found this
>> discussion forum to be invaluable in the process.
>> In the discussions I have seen, there has been no
>> mention of ADD/ADHD -which means I may simply have
>> missed it - and right now I am curious about this
>> issue, as it relates to my son and his education.
>> Is there any recognition of this as a disorder
>> within the Sudbury model and how is it being
>> addressed or understood? I would appreciate any
>> helpful clarification/discussion.
>> cheryl huff
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