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From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 16 15:32:01 2006

This is Bruce with Alpine Valley School. I don't have much time at the
moment, but I can offer a couple of top-of-my-head responses...or at least
avenues into a deeper discussion.

First, consider the obvious question of the extent to which the schooling
environment exacerbates or ameliorates something like this. It's amazing how
much less ADHD there seems to be in settings where students are allowed to
move about as they need. Similarly, when allowed to pursue their own
interests, the degree to which the (allegedly) attention-deficient can focus
is equally stunning.

In a Sudbury context, the pre-eminent issue is an individual's ability to
make responsible decisions, and to grow from the less responsible ones.
Through a variety of informal and formal interactions, students become
acquainted with principles of causality; they come to see their behavior in
a social framework; and they are given ample support in learning responsible
means of dealing with challenging people and situations.

Of course various students meet with varying degrees of success in this
process. Yet, biased as I am, I believe that Sudbury schools are uniquely
equipped to allow an extremely wide variety of students to find their own
paths to responsible self-actualization.


"I want to thank anyone who spends part of their day creating, I don't care
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