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From: Isaac Graves <>
Date: Thu Feb 16 14:29:00 2006

While not directly related to the Sudbury model, Chris Mercogliano
wrote a book about how The Free School in Albany deals with ADHD,
titled Teaching the Restless: One School's Remarkable No-Ritalin
Approach to Helping Children Learn and Succeed......The title before
the publisher changed it was Rid-a-Him which is more dead on.

You can find out more about the book at

(Free School Grad)

At 02:19 PM 2/16/2006, you wrote:

>I have been looking into the Sudbury model for months to better
>understand it and have found this discussion forum to be invaluable
>in the process. In the discussions I have seen, there has been no
>mention of ADD/ADHD -which means I may simply have missed it - and
>right now I am curious about this issue, as it relates to my son and
>his education. Is there any recognition of this as a disorder
>within the Sudbury model and how is it being addressed or
>understood? I would appreciate any helpful clarification/discussion.
>cheryl huff
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