Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Non-coercive education

From: Dana Matthew Bennis <>
Date: Thu Feb 16 06:15:00 2006

As far as historical attempts at non-coercive freedom-based education,
I would look into Tolstoy's school at Yasnaya Polyana (Tolstoy, Tolstoy
on Education, 1967), Homer Lane's Little Commonwealth (Bazeley, Homer
Lane and the Little Commonwealth, 1969), and Ferrer's Modern School
(Avrich, The Modern School Movement).

For current attempts in addition to SVS, Summerhill, and unschooling,
you can check out a list of similar schools (which vary in terms of
non-coercion) at
Particularly, you may want to look into the Israeli democratic schools
( including the first one established there, The
Democratic School of Hadera, as well as the Iederwijs schools in
Netherlands, plus the broad range of similar schools in the U.S.

Dana Bennis

At 05:09 PM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to do some reading on attempts (historic and current) to
eliminate educational coercion in children's education. I'm not sure
what to read about aside from SVS, Summerhill, and unschooling.
(Arguably Summerhill doesn't count; but I think it's relevant whether
it counts or not.)

Does anyone know of any other interesting attempts (historic or
current, intellectually honest or otherwise)?


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