Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] parental dilemma

From: Woty <>
Date: Wed Feb 15 18:59:00 2006

On Feb 15, 2006, at 12:41, Shelli Buhr wrote:

> Also, as a parent, legally, you have a responsibility. There can be
> problems for you if social services feels your choice to allow the
> children to choose could be harmful to them, since the state
> considers YOU to be responsible for your children, and not your
> children.

That's true, but I think it's important to be careful how we apply
that. It shouldn't become a carte blanche justification for running
children's lives, even when they are making bad choices. The state
isn't going to interfere in a family just because a kid spends lots
of time on the computer and doesn't exercise. If they did I'd think
rather most children would be in trouble. They're also not going to
intervene just because a kid stays up late and doesn't get to school
on time some days.

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