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Date: Tue Jan 31 05:08:00 2006

dear anna
  what an admirable work! this site will be very beneficial for me as i am trying to initiate an alternative education model here in istanbul, turkey.
  thank you very much for sharing this.

  kind regards

  Anna R <> wrote:
            I have been reading on the site below. While these notes and letters are talking about unschooling and my interest is in the development of a community of unschoolers of all ages (a school) I can see parents of our schools students benefiting by reading here. The questions and answers are about the same things: how do we as parents let go and let live/learn, whether the learning environment is home or school or community. If we parents were not so fortunate as to be raised with unschooling philosophical parents (second generation) than we are at a disadvantage. We are trying to give/model something we did not get/see. When our website is up and running this will be on the link page.
  New Link on AMN: Nautural Learning & Living Information
  The unschooling philosophy
This newly linked site may be of interest to the unschoolers or would-be unschoolers
  Joyfully Serving , Anna Rodriguez


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