Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: scientific proof

From: Warren McMillan <>
Date: Sat Jan 28 15:11:01 2006

If you want evidence of how well scientific proof works as a means with
which to justify an educational model, look to the public school
system. That system is tested and measured and surveyed continuously on
the pretext of improving it. All it really represents, however, is a
distraction. All the scientific research into public education never
questions its fundamental intention and the assumptions that derive from
that intention. Scientific proof, and the statistics that it generates, is
used as a way of deflecting any honest inquiry into its fundamental
nature. This is easy because you can use statistics to prove
anything. So, if SVS wants to use scientific proof to justify its
existence, I'm sure it can be done. Somehow I doubt that this would be of
interest to model of education that is by definition self-evident. WM

At 03:07 AM 1/26/2006, you wrote:

>snip...I am thinking it would be a difficult task but not insurmountable
>to come up with a graduating class of say 2000 or whatever year is deemed
>good and give statistics based on them if they were willing to supply it. X%
>unemployment, X% imprisoned, X% mentally incarcerated, X% achieving average
>standard of living for their particular area of the country, stuff like
>that. snip... -Arlynn

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