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From: Arlynn Liebster <abfab_at_abfabinc.com>
Date: Thu Jan 26 03:09:00 2006

Happiness is an objective that others cannot gauge, it is only internally
valid. Someone pulling in hundreds or thousands of dollars of public
assistance might be *very* happy, but would the rest of society be happy
with that person if they were able-bodied and fit for work but not
contributing to society and in fact, draining society of its limited

I think that to a governmental authority it is important to be able to show
that graduates of the SVS are earning a decent living and not on public
assistance weighing down the rest of the citizens tax burden, that they are
contributing to society in some tangible way such as with their work or art
or families, and that they are relatively healthy individuals, not in
prisons or mental institutions.

I do not say all graduates of public schools could claim the same, but by
sheer volumes graduates of public schools can probably claim that the
majority in the US are earning a living wage and not on public assistance,
et al... I would think that a government agency would be happy with knowing
those statistics, being that they *do* affect the rest of the country
citizenry. Government has an obligation to all citizens, not to just a few
that can afford private education no matter what the outcome and therefore I
do believe that government has the right to ask and question the validity of
a particular type of schooling that it is unfamiliar with. If a particular
type of schooling is churning out at least the status quo of public schools
(which SVS would have no problem proving I suppose) in regards to the bare
minimum of citizenry statistics, then the rest of the arguments for/against
SVS based on life's happiness is best left for the parents/students to
decide and not the gov't. In the US we are guaranteed our right to pursue
happiness, and my assumption would be that as long as a school is not
infringing upon the rights of others by turning out unfit graduates in the
form of public deadbeats, then we're all good to go.

Eva has a real point in wanting to be able to *show* that graduates of SVS
are good citizens to her gov't to be able to get the gov't nod of approval
for her children's education and that just trying to hide your head in the
sand and pretend her gov't has no right to even question her choice of
schooling is not helping her get to a good educational place for herself or
the rest of her country. There are statistics that a gov't would be
interested in seeing, and I do believe it would be based on measurable
things such as tax monies by way of welfare/medicaid outlays, imprisonments,
etc... They are inarguable if shown the graduates of SVS have a less than 2%
unemployment rate, etc... (I made that statistic up, not knowing what it
really is) I am thinking it would be a difficult task but not insurmountable
to come up with a graduating class of say 2000 or whatever year is deemed
good and give statistics based on them if they were willing to supply it. X%
unemployment, X% imprisoned, X% mentally incarcerated, X% achieving average
standard of living for their particular area of the country, stuff like
that. The happiness part and less stress part would then be commented on,
such as less missed days of school, less stomachaches reported, less
medications consumed, stuff like that. It would be a glowing report probably
and I am sure a lot of parents even already in the SVS mindset would be
happy to see it. -Arlynn
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