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From: Dr. Evan Hughes <evanhughes_at_juno.com>
Date: Mon Jan 23 22:09:59 2006

      After having been in many philosophical discussions over the years about the Sudbury model, I have found one common direction in each case, and that is, the discussion quickly turns in to a debate about the meaning of life...
      SVS, is a school that allows children to grow in to who they are. Their genetic potential, if you wish a scientific term. Human potential is not measurable by science. It never has been.
     There are stories of grandmothers lifting cars off of children, people who survive diseases that are terminal, graduate school alumni that are poor as dirt and grade school drop outs that are rich as a sultan. Nazi prisoners that have found peace, and middle income families at war with one another. SVS is about the human spirit allowed to be made manifest in all it's wondrous forms.
      So the simple question becomes: Can you really measure life? Can you measure happiness?
     What is the point of school? Answer: To empower children (ultimately we can all agree on that one point, even in the traditional mindset of school.)
     OK. Empower children to do what? Answer: To.... ah..... live I guess.
     OK, so what is living?
     By the way, don't even think of trying the "living is contributing to society so we can measure what they have given to the culture" rap. If it where possible to measure that, then it would have to be true that women sat on their buts and did nothing to shape the world/cultures until the 1950's! NICE TRY...
      How can we possibly measure what it is that we are trying to accomplish, when it is not really possible to define.
       Behind all aspects of the Sudbury model must be trust in the innate wisdom that runs life. This innate wisdom is smarter then us, and as such, we are not qualified to judge it or measure it. To do so, would result in failure.

      I believe that scientifically studying Sudbury schools is only useful in marketing and one should be careful to use the results in any other way; to model, change or evaluate the effectiveness of a school for example.
     Trust, not judgment.

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