[Discuss-sudbury-model] scientific backing of Sudbury

From: Marc en Sandra <marc.san_at_tiscali.be>
Date: Wed Jan 18 05:03:00 2006

I'm a member of a new startup group in Brussels (Belgium), we would like to
create a Sudbury school in our area and are working hard on this. One of the
things coming up in the process is: have any scientific studies been
conducted on the positive effects on children of Sudbury education (I mean,
in terms of learning success, socialization, development of responsibility,
values, anything). We as starters feel certain enough about the enormous
potential of Sudbury for our kids, but there is of course 'the others':
critical outsiders, anxious and doubting parents, and especially local
education authorities to whom we will have to go and explain about our
project somewhere in the near future. It would be a great help if we could
provide some outside evidence that 'Sudbury works' and not only our own
I also see this in a lager sense: in fact I am gathering material from
psychologists and other scientists that supports the ideas that are
fundamental to Sudbury (e.g. concepts of 'learned helplessness' and
'intrinsic motivation', publications of John Holt etc.).
Does anyone have any interesting information about this?
Thanks in advance,
Sandra Roobaert
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