Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Published, LA Times re school attendance incentives

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Date: Tue Jan 3 02:09:00 2006

In the forementioned response to an LA Times article, Sally Rosloff wrote:
"Want to make sure attendance is as high as possible? Make it optional..."

At the risk of opening an old can of attendance optional at some
of the sudbury schools? As a parent of an unschooling family, I questioned
the compulsory attendance policies of sudbury schools in an earlier thread on
this discuss-sudbury-model list, and got a lot of responses saying that
compulsory attendance was an importantant element in creating a positive "school
culture" and so forth.

Are some of the sudbury schools having success with optional attendance
I am hoping to hear this is so!

Thanks for any responses,
Molly Mancasola
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