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From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Mon Jan 2 20:19:00 2006

That rules, thanks for passing it on, and for writing it!


On 2 Jan, 2006, at 18.25, Sally Rosloff wrote:

> Hi All,
> Wanted to let you know that I responded to an article in the LA Times
> about how to increase school attendance and it got published today.
> They even did a quote callout and a little illustration. I mentioned
> Sudbury Valley School. I'd really had it with everyone thinking that
> bribing kids to go to school leads to learning that matters!
> Here's the link to the original article:
> attendance29dec29,1,7601165.story
> Here's the letter:
> Make school the place to be
> Re "Absence Makes the School Go Ponder," Dec. 29
> Want young people to come to school? I have the secret solution: make
> it a
> place they want to be. Assume that learning is innate, something that
> happens all the time in life, something that until forced to do, most
> people
> enjoy and seek. Want to make sure attendance is as high as possible?
> Make it
> optional - that is the incentive to do everything possible to make sure
> people really want to be there. Dissatisfaction with the current
> one-size-fits-all, top-down bureaucratic public schooling system has
> already
> led to millions opting out completely. Take a look at Sudbury Valley
> School
> in Massachusetts, one of the oldest successful democratic schools in
> the
> country.
> Forget tired old fixes for a creaky old system. Don't make us opt out.
> Let's
> spend that public school money locally, creating schools unique to each
> community as places where people want to be together, living life for
> real
> and learning in the process.
> Northridge
> I haven't posted much recently, mostly lurk. Am also on the AERO
> listserve. My husband Cooper Zale and I would love to open a learning
> center type thing eventually but can't do it quite yet. Hope you're
> all having a happy new year.
> Sally
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