Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: BFS

From: Isaac Graves <>
Date: Fri Dec 23 22:35:02 2005

Arlynn, just to clear things up....

I've been on the list for a while under a different e-mail
address. I just signed up my new one. I'm not involved directly
with any school (a grad of The Free School in Albany).

When this discussion took place, the question was posed to someone
involved in BFS to respond so I forwarded the message to Alan Berger
and posted his reply (my e-mail address used was I was just acting as an intermediary while
Alan got around to subscribing (which I believe he is now).

So I'm not a founder of a school.....just yet (busying myself with
AERO and the annual conference held in Troy these days)....


At 08:27 PM 12/23/2005, you wrote:
>Isaac Graves: The Brooklyn Free School was being dissed on this list a
>couple of weeks ago by someone saying that the school was not a SVS school
>at all b/c it has founders and a list of rules that were put there by the
>founders instead of the faculty being voted in or fired yearly by the
>students that the school employs them and not the student body, stuff like
>that. Since you are now on this list, you can discuss your own school and
>the reasons why you founded it with a list of rules that the students did
>not devise democratically, if that is how the school was founded or not,
>since that is the accusation being levied at your school on this list.
>Someone wants to open a "really" free NYC SVS school and the BFS was
>mentioned and then there was the post about BFS not being a free school at
>all. I was inputting my own 2 cents about why I thought the BFS had a set of
>rules instituted by the founders based on my conversations with one of them
>(who will remain unnamed). -Arlynn
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