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>I guess I'm not yet on this list, although I signed up a couple of
>days ago. If you could forward this on, I'd appreciate it.
>My response to Arlynn is: Our parents tend not to be the typical
>A-type NYC pushy parents (although we may have one or two). This
>model doesn't attract them too often. We don't seem to have a
>problem with kid's votes being directed by their parents. Maybe it's
>because we're in Brooklyn, not Manhattan!
>Alan, Brooklyn Free School
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> >About BFS, I believe that in NYC, a school left to the children to direct
> >would end up being a school totally directed by the pushier of the parents,
> >not by the children at all. I am born and raised here and have lived here
> >most of my life and that's what I see on Soccer fields, in baby gyms, etc...
> >I have spoken to one of the founders of that school and it is his opinion
> >also that the founders of the school would have to lay in some rules to
> >avoid the parents from running the school "by directing their kids votes". I
> >know it sounds distrusting, but I do believe it would happen, seeing what
> >else happens around here (and I love my town anyway!). -Arlynn
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