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From: Arlynn Liebster <abfab_at_abfabinc.com>
Date: Fri Dec 16 12:05:02 2005

About BFS, I believe that in NYC, a school left to the children to direct
would end up being a school totally directed by the pushier of the parents,
not by the children at all. I am born and raised here and have lived here
most of my life and that's what I see on Soccer fields, in baby gyms, etc...
I have spoken to one of the founders of that school and it is his opinion
also that the founders of the school would have to lay in some rules to
avoid the parents from running the school "by directing their kids votes". I
know it sounds distrusting, but I do believe it would happen, seeing what
else happens around here (and I love my town anyway!). -Arlynn
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