Re: Sheep (Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking)

From: Woty <>
Date: Thu Dec 8 12:34:01 2005

On Dec 8, 2005, at 8:22, Jesse Gallagher wrote:

> My apologies to any who were offended by my naked contempt for the
> current occupants of the White House.

That's not what offended me.

> It honestly never occurred to me that supporters of choice-based,
> non-coercive, participatory democratic schooling would also support
> George W. Bush and his administration.

This is what bothered me. I think it shows a very deep misconception
about the model.

Sudbury schools have students from all over the political spectrum. A
staff member who believed that all Republican students are
brainwashed morons and that if they were *really* free then they'd
come to agree with the staff member is not really capable of acting
respectfully or taking the attitude a staff member needs to take.
It's not acceptable at all for staff members to have educational
agendas for the students, and it is not acceptable for a staff member
to have ongoing personal contempt for students who are upstanding
members of the school community.

Contempt for their views is another matter. It's entirely possible to
regard a student's views as reprehensible without dehumanizing the
student or taking it upon oneself to change the school environment
such that the student comes to agree with one's preferred viewpoint.

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