RE: Sheep (Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking)

From: Jesse Gallagher <>
Date: Thu Dec 8 11:55:00 2005

Also, for the sake of clarification, but with no malice aforethought, I must point out the inaccuracy of the following statement:
The primary difference between the Sudbury model and *every*
other school that *ever* existed, is that *every* other
school believes in some form of curriculum. That is,
believes that there are some key set of ideas and ideals
that are key to being human, that group A ( the educators)
must make sure that group B (the educated) receive.

 The Sudbury model *does* have and believe in a curriculum. If it didn't, it would not present a *model* for anything.
 That the Sudbury model's curriculum seeks to ensure that group B (the educated) receives the freedom to think and act as they please, within the cultural parameters that they themselves create and re-create as needed, elevates its curriculum, in my eyes, to the top of the curricular heap, but it does not absolve it of possessing curriculum as you define it.
 A small point, perhaps, but one that seemed worth making.

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