RE: Sheep (Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking)

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Thu Dec 8 10:58:00 2005


While I agree that the democratic school model is essentially non-partisan,
I am not clear what you are saying here re your vote for Bush.

Did you vote for him simply because you disagree with Jesse (which is what
your statement implies)?

Or did you vote for him because you "really have data available" (as Jesse
put it) to justify your support of him? (If so, I would love to hear it and
understand it.)

~Alan Klein

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From: Woty
On Dec 7, 2005, at 20:44, Jesse Gallagher wrote:
> Do tens of millions of people really see positive
> aspects of the Bush administration, for instance, that
> we don't see? Do they really have data available to
> them that allows them to support the multitude
> criminal acts of this group of liars, murderers, and
> thieves? Or are they simply uncritically thinking,
> believing, and doing what they're told by the voices
> in their televisions?

I disagree with you about Bush. That is why I voted for him. So did
many other people who support the Sudbury model.
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