Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Learning piano?

From: Karen Locke <>
Date: Wed Dec 7 22:41:01 2005

I feel I want to say something in this piano controversy. I played piano and
flute; I loved flute lessons and needed no encouragement to practice. For
piano my mom required 30 minutes each day, using a timer to keep track
(which caused me to get really sneaky, I learned to push the timer back when
she wasn't looking :).

On the other hand, I played piano a lot on my own - show tunes, pop music,

Just like "school", where we only count what is taught as learning, in music
we sometimes only count what our music teachers think is important.

As Sudbury schools are helping us reconceive learning, maybe they will also
help us reconsider the whole music/practice pattern. Our children will be
eternally grateful :)

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