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From: Arlynn Liebster <abfab_at_abfabinc.com>
Date: Tue Dec 6 13:17:00 2005

I like a little bit of movies/programs now and then, and I love Baby
Einstein videos. They were the only way I ever got to take a shower or cook
dinner when my twins were infants. They loved them and I got 20 minutes of
uninterrupted time to attend to real, physical needs of me and my family. It
was not "hot-housing" them, it was keeping their mother, me, sane. Anyone
who thinks a tiny bit of videos isn't good probably doesn't have to take
care of kids day in and day out, or otherwise they just don't have kids that
are into absolutely everything and can't take their eye off of them for even
5 seconds to take a pee? Videos are a sanity saver in this house. But again,
all things in moderation. I don't think children should just take in someone
else's idea of life via the tube, they should be living their own lives and
experiencing how wonderful life is IRL. Same goes for museums, videogames,
books, ... All nice in their place, but I really like to live life and not
just see it thru someone else's filter. And, about babies, I actually
believe in the research that says TV programs the brains neurotransmitters
differently than experiencing real life and that it can be a contributor to
ADHD later. So, I do limit it, but we have a tv and enjoy it for what its
worth. -Arlynn
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