RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking

From: Kathy Boyer <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 23:14:01 2005

I have been following this thread through out the day and I give Jesse
Gallagher's inquiry a standing ovation!! Hear, hear!!!!
I have been a parent for 22 years. We have had TV and we have not had
TV and I can honestly say that my time and the time of my children is
always filled with much more uplifting and creative activities when the
TV is not a part of our lives. While I must admit that there is the
occasional program of merit, I don't believe there is enough to warrant
regular viewing. I would think that parents pursuing a Sudbury-type
education would be inclined to create a nurturing, engaging learning
environment where television viewing would not even be an issue.
As parents we should be setting the example, leading the way. If our
children see us reading an interesting book or getting excited about
learning something new they will be more inclined to follow suit. I
have seen this happen in my own family. We rarely watch television,
instead we can be found reading and discussing a book, putting together
a puzzle, building a project, researching something we have discovered
an interest in, making a yummy dessert, messing around with a musical
instrument, playing with the dogs, learning to crochet or simply
relaxing and spending time visiting with one another. There truly is
life without television - a great life! :) As my dedication to a life
of learning and creativity increases, I see my children choosing the
same paths, and that is exciting to me.
If we make discovering and learning the exciting "default" setting in
our homes, I believe we will create a rich environment where children
are curious and eager to learn about all kinds of things - for life!
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