RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking

From: Jesse Gallagher <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 22:30:00 2005

With all respect, and with all sincerity, I must ask TV proponents the following question:
 What exactly is it that we're afraid our children will miss out on if they don't watch television?
 The potential dangers of watching television have been fairly well presented over the past 30 years by a number of researchers and writers. Unfortunately, the most caustic effects of television viewing, the ways in which cultural attitudes are created, transmitted, and altered, are the most difficult to quantify.
 What is it about television that makes it worth risking any one of the potential dangers, never mind the toxic synergy of the parts come together?
 Frankly, I don't understand it.
 The best anyone has ever been able to tell me is that they enjoy some program or another. I don't think I want to discuss the relative merits of The Sopranos vs. Sex in the City.
 I'm concerned with the medium itself, not just the way it is being abused by our corporate masters.
 I would think that Sudbury devotees would be as concerned by a flickering screen that mediates the experiences of children as they are with the educational institutions that perform the same function.
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