[Discuss-sudbury-model] tv and thinking

From: Ann Ide <ann.ide_at_rcn.com>
Date: Mon Dec 5 21:05:00 2005

Maybe it's just me, but I doubt it. When I watch tv, I do plenty of thinking and feeling. The quality of it may vary, depending on what I'm watching and how it is a fit for me at the time. One day, a science show will fascinate me. A different day, it will put me to sleep. Same with books! If someone spent hours a day reading romance novels, would that be okay? Or if someone spent hours a day at the theatre ( live performances)...is that better than tv? You can approach anything in life either actively, or passively. I don't really believe our minds can be dulled so easily, either. But then, sometimes I just want to "do nothing", and a boring tv show will be just right. Why do we think we have to always be so productive? Work, work, work. This discourse concerns me. Why are we trying so hard to be perfect and to make sure our kids turn out "perfect"?

And another thing: If you believe tv to be "bad", boring, or whatever, you will look at it through that filter and find reasons to confirm that belief. Try going in with something different, like questions: "Hmm, I wonder what my child could be seeing in this?" or " How do they do those special effects?" Try watching through different "filters" and see what you discover.

Just some thoughts...

Ann Ide
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