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From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 16:11:00 2005

Heh. What, you mean you think there aren't video games like that

There's a lot more art around us every day than we're aware of. I mean,
have you heard of this Japanese video game, Katamari Damacy? It is the
ultimate New Media reflection on the capitalist/imperialist impulses of
Postmodern (contemporary) culture. It's also got a really interesting
electronic soundtrack that touches dextrously on several genres of
music, and vibrant Peter Max-inspired graphics.

Going back to what Scott was talking about, my point is that in
interpreting what qualifies as art, high art, low art, pop art,
postmodernists are VERY inclusive. And so should we be-- regarding all
of life as a work of art is not just postmodern chic, it's a good way
to remind yourself to stay on top of having a great life that you're
super engaged in.


On 5 Dec, 2005, at 14.54, Lif Strand wrote:

> Quoted from Scott David Gray's message at 12:15 PM 12/5/2005:
>> And, really, what is the big deal if people *do* want to
>> play video games or watch TV? Is this really a worse way to
>> spend one's time than browing at a museum? Than listening to
>> music? Than enjoying any sort of art?
> Sometime in the future whatever video games evolve to might be
> considered a high art form, and today's video games the embryonic form
> of that art.
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