Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Matt's question

From: Christopher Weeks <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 14:14:00 2005

Becky Moon wrote:

>What if a person never finds anything besides video
>game playing that interests them to that level of
>intensity and focus? What if nothing interests them to
>that level ever? What if they are interested in lots
>of different things - up until they become more
>difficult to learn about - and then lose interest?
>What becomes of them? Is there some reason this won't
No. That happens. That's me. I'm 35. But I managed to acquire a
master's degree and a wife and two kids. Sometimes I earn $50/hour
writing code at a Fortune 500. Sometimes I earn $5/hour (or less!)
doing art. Sometimes I own rental houses. Sometimes I import
manufactured goods from China for resale. I'm OK. My wife's young
cousin just dropped college for the allure of online gaming. The family
is all worried. Why? He won't let himself starve. If he delivers
pizzas for thirty hours per week so he can play World of Warcraft for 50
hours per week, who's to say he's making the wrong choice? Probably
he'll do that for a few years and go back. But maybe not. He's fine.
We live in a place and time where it's that easy to devote your life to
amusement instead of survival. I think that's very cool!

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