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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 13:16:26 2005

 Have you been to the archived discussions from this list?

 Here are a few links to my own public musings about the
question, which in turn will give you access to the entire
threads in which the question was debated:


 There are various other threads on the topic, though I've
referenced key discussions that have covered the most ground
on either side of the debate. If you want to read the other
musings, I'd suggest checking the search engine at
 (Yes, your question was about TV not video games -- but
video games always come up in that conversation, and many
articles that mention TV or television are talking about
Sudbury schools airing on TV.)

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, Mercer Carlin wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have been on this email list for a few months now and
> loving it. Thank you to all who have shared their
> thoughts and insights!
> I have been a big fan of the SVS world since reading
> Free At Last a bunch of years ago and have read more from
> the SVS library since. I am also in the process of
> putting together a group of like minded folks in NYC who
> are interested in starting a school. My son is 2 and I
> will either unschool him or send him to a democratic free
> school when the time comes.
> My post today is about TV. My spouse and I had always
> thought that if we did not watch a lot of TV, he would not
> be interested in it until he got older. He learned about
> Dora and a few other shows at friends' houses. So when he
> asked to watch them at home, I said yes since I have
> always let him guide his world as much as possible. He is
> now watching about 2 shows a day (sometimes more). On the
> one hand, I totally trust him to determine what works for
> him and he seems to know when he is done and ready to do
> something else. On the other hand, I am concerned that I
> am allowing him to do something that is not good for his
> brain development and should be curtailed to some extent
> until he is a little older.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance.
> Mercer Carlin
> Mother of 2 year old Timothy

--Scott David Gray
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