Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Matt's question

From: Becky Moon <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 13:16:16 2005

--- "Dr. Evan Hughes" <> wrote:

> Dear Matt,
"Are you tired honey?" "No Mom, I'm
> playing." Now, if you will, take that inspiration,
> intensity, focus and passion and add it to a skill
> or ability of CHOICE. THAT, is the power of
> freedom-of the mind that is.

What if a person never finds anything besides video
game playing that interests them to that level of
intensity and focus? What if nothing interests them to
that level ever? What if they are interested in lots
of different things - up until they become more
difficult to learn about - and then lose interest?
What becomes of them? Is there some reason this won't


> Evan (SVS alumni)
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