Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Learning piano?

From: Lif Strand <>
Date: Mon Dec 5 12:24:01 2005

Quoted from Matt Schick's message at 09:29 AM 12/5/2005:
>Here's the real question I think I want to ask: If you have 8-year
>old kids and you make them
>practice piano 30 minutes a day ...

I will be very happy to read any responses to this. I, too, am a
person who was forced to practice, and although I don't play any
instruments regularly these days, I can if I want to (not very well,
because I don't practice!). I am glad my parents made me learn, but
I too recall really hating it.

I do have one thought on this, though, and that is that in my
sister's family, her husband plays and practices with the kids, and
they are all very into music. As a kid, my siblings and I practiced
alone, my parents were not musical, or at least they weren't to our
knowledge, and weren't involved. Maybe that's all it is: Most kids
who are forced to practice must play their music alone. If there was
music being played all around them - and with them - maybe it would
be different.

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