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Date: Sun Nov 20 08:05:00 2005

Dear Folks,
In the gentle quiet whispers of our lives
things and people and love will come
and hold our hand and touch our hair
and we will remember
and then we will no longer think or talk or discuss or argue
we will simply do Sudbury
when we remember
I rembember Skippy.
I will always remember Skippy.
God he was bright.
He was so quick and bright.
They called him Skippy because he could skip so many classes, so many courses
He took all the AP courses.
He could even skip some of them.
He skipped his way all the way to MIT
Till they found him in the morning
In the second week of his freshman year
In the basement of a fraternity house
And they found his father driving a coal train in up state New York
When they told him he had to come
And his mother wouldn't let them ship his casket
She rode with Skippy back home
In the back of the family station wagon
Bill Richardson
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