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In California (and I can only speak with expertise on California law), a
child is not truant if enrolled in a full-time, day school (among other
options). Full-time is not defined in the law and the State does not
attempt to dictate to private schools what their enrollment or
attendance policies must be. Therefore, any child enrolled in a private
school is determined to be not truant upon proof of enrollment and proof
that the school has filed its annual affidavit with the state. The
state does very little regulation of private schools. Many
homeschoolers in California use this method by establishing a private
school at their home.


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Quoted from Tay Arrow Sherman's message at 11:00 AM 11/19/2005:
>Here's what I think would be kind of interesting. Several
>field-specific Sudbury schools around the country and an accessible,
>organised exchange program that would offer students a chance to go to
>these different schools from other Sudbury schools, if they wanted to.

What an awesome idea! I would love to read further discussion of
theme or field-specific Sudbury-model schools. I would personally
like to know how these schools get started (the dry, technical
details!), are they day or boarding schools, how they are financed -
all that stuff. Is there anywhere online I can research this info?

>Regarding being truant-- it's different for all schools. I could only
>tell you what it's like for SVS-- it's accredited and has attendance
>requirements, so it's pretty much normal school in that respect. A
>major difference is that you check yourself in when you arrive. Of
>course, this bugs some people.

So accreditation/attendance is what makes the difference with respect
to truancy? I would have to add accreditation requirements for my
state onto my research list!

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