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At Big Rock Sudbury School (northern California - see
"truancy" per se is not an issue, since attendance requirements for a
private school are up to the school itself. Internally we require a minimum
of 24 hours per week, at least 4 hours daily. We don't enforce this. There
is no problem taking a day off now and then. Attendance Clerk's procedures
require that people call in by 11 AM if someone is going to be absent. Our
attendance requirement is strictly about maintaining a sense of community
within the school. If someone habitually spends much less time here, it
starts to feel like they aren't really a part of the scene, and we begin to
wonder why they are paying tuition to be here. Chronic low attendance will
lead eventually to someone, probably the Attendance Clerk, having a talk
with the person about what's going on with them, and perhaps eventually
bringing the fact up at School Meeting as a discussion item. So far, in our
two and a half years of operation, no one has been asked to leave because of
lack of attendance. People have been removed for other reasons, and those
people have sometimes stopped coming to school before the final shoe dropped
- but lack of attendance was never the cause for dismissal.
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> So accreditation/attendance is what makes the difference with respect
> to truancy? I would have to add accreditation requirements for my
> state onto my research list!

Well, I think the laws differ from state to state, and all schools chose on
their own how to tackle this issue. There's some interplay between what the
laws are, and what the school meeting members want the school to be like. I
think there are several legal options, but I do not know exactly what they

I wonder if any recent founders, like Mado of Katuah Sudbury, have any
comments about how schools other than SVS have handled truancy? I think that
sometimes new schools have something going on like, a bunch of homeschoolers
who have dealt with truancy on an individual basis get together for a
homeschooling group that evolves into a Sudbury school, and by the time
anyone notices that the group has become formalised, they have non-profit
status and are officially a school. But honestly, I only know how SVS deals
with it. I'm not sure attendance and accreditation are necessarily required
to evade issues with truancy.




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