Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] (biased)

From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 15:00:01 2005

> What an awesome idea! I would love to read further discussion of
> theme or field-specific Sudbury-model schools. I would personally
> like to know how these schools get started (the dry, technical
> details!), are they day or boarding schools, how they are financed -
> all that stuff. Is there anywhere online I can research this info?

I don't think any field-specific Sudbury schools exist yet, or that is
my impression. I've just noticed more people are interested in forming
such schools, myself included. Your issues are: Where's your school's
building? Who will go? SVS can send you a starter kit that helps with a
lot of stuff, which is available from their website at .

I'd imagine if you were going to have an exchange program you'd have to
have some boarding space available. On the other hand, I think a
Sudbury school with boarding would horrify many people!



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