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From: Lif Strand <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 14:17:01 2005

Quoted from Tay Arrow Sherman's message at 11:00 AM 11/19/2005:
>Here's what I think would be kind of interesting. Several
>field-specific Sudbury schools around the country and an accessible,
>organised exchange program that would offer students a chance to go to
>these different schools from other Sudbury schools, if they wanted to.

What an awesome idea! I would love to read further discussion of
theme or field-specific Sudbury-model schools. I would personally
like to know how these schools get started (the dry, technical
details!), are they day or boarding schools, how they are financed -
all that stuff. Is there anywhere online I can research this info?

>Regarding being truant-- it's different for all schools. I could only
>tell you what it's like for SVS-- it's accredited and has attendance
>requirements, so it's pretty much normal school in that respect. A
>major difference is that you check yourself in when you arrive. Of
>course, this bugs some people.

So accreditation/attendance is what makes the difference with respect
to truancy? I would have to add accreditation requirements for my
state onto my research list!

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