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From: Lif Strand <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 13:47:00 2005

Quoted from Frederick W. Schueler's message at 10:29 AM 11/19/2005:
>In our case, it's been suggested that we host a Sudbury-model school
>here, while continuing our work, so that it could be
>visualized either as a "Sudbury-model School of Natural History
>Exploration & Museum Biology," which students would attend because they
>wanted to learn about and do that kind of thing, or alternatively, we'd
>just be here, either as facilitators or environment, and the students
>wouldn't be constrained in any way, either by initial screening or
>subsequent expectations.

I have always been very interested in theme oriented schools. School
only became meaningful for me when I went to college and could learn
about what was relevant to my life. Almost all the education I got
for life and job related skills I picked up on my own, outside of the

What has intrigued me is how it is that kids can attend Sudbury-model
schools and not be considered "truant". I admit, I have not done any
research into this - I have no children, I am just reading this list
for my own continuing education.

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