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From: Frederick W. Schueler <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 13:32:01 2005

> Coby Smolens wrote:

> Sudbury schools are places that give all kids the space, and
> all the time they need, to engage in whatever type of activity best
> suits their own interests.

* though as the recent discussion of instruction in Japanese shows, this
can be influenced by difficulty in obtaining resources for pursuing
particular or infrequent interests.

My question is the opposite: is there any experience or counsel that can
be provided about Sudbury-model schools established in an environment
where there's a superfluity of resources in one subject, or a founding
bias towards some particular art or science? Sort of a "Sudbury-model
School of ---".

In our case, it's been suggested that we host a Sudbury-model school
here, while continuing our work, so that it could be
visualized either as a "Sudbury-model School of Natural History
Exploration & Museum Biology," which students would attend because they
wanted to learn about and do that kind of thing, or alternatively, we'd
just be here, either as facilitators or environment, and the students
wouldn't be constrained in any way, either by initial screening or
subsequent expectations.

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