Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] what should I do?

From: Ann Ide <>
Date: Sat Nov 12 13:22:00 2005

I told you that staff would be shocked to hear that he is claiming to be "shy" ! :-) Me, too !

Anyway, Hanna, I appreciate your concern for his privacy. He is totally okay with it, even thought it was strange of me to ask. I am a bit concerned with your phrase "if a parent has a problem with the school". I want to be clear that it is Jesse who has a problem at the school; so, of course, I am concerned. For me, this is very different . We do not have a problem with the school. We love it! Since the issue is so model-related, and not of a personal nature, the approach of posting seemed appropriate and was quick and easy. It's also always good to hear all the responses, and various perspectives.

That said, thank you for providing me with this clarity in procedure. Sounds good. It's not so easy being a Sudbury parent and knowing how to "do it right". When he asked me for help, my first response was that I don't think I'm supposed to. This is our 6th year, and I'm still learning.

We'll be contacting you, and thanks again.

Ann Ide

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  I am a staff member at Sudbury Valley School and I'm stunned by Ann Ide's post. I have an excellent relationship with her son, and my experience with him is that he is not shy at all. However, if he happens to be reticent about this particular need, I think that Ann should ask him what he wants her to do. Does he want her to come to school for a conference, to help him figure this out, or does he want to do this himself?

  I wonder how comfortable her son is about having his problems discussed on the internet, and I wish that Ann had talked to someone at school, with her son's permission, before she put her question to the public. The "Textbook picture of the model" that Ann refers to respects the child's privacy above all, and if a parent has a problem with the school, the best way to deal with it is to discuss it with the child and come to someone in the school and work it out.

  Hanna Greenberg
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