Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] what would you do?

From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Fri Nov 11 12:25:01 2005

 I find it somewhat surprising that your son's request for a Japanese
teacher was met with "he should just do a search on it." At Alpine Valley
School, we have a Source Corp. whose job it is to look for outside
instructors when requested. If I were in your position, I would try to find
out how his request was made and how it was handled -- starting with your
son. At this point, you're not intervening so much as trying to figure out
what happened. You're not suggesting a course of action, but rather trying
to inform yourself.
 At the same time, this could be how he learns the importance of
assertiveness. I don't see it as "intervening" for you to point that out to
him: that if he's going to let shyness (or whatever) get in the way of
asking for what he wants, then he's reducing his chances of _getting_ what
he wants. Ask him if he wants your help with this, and in what way.
 I can't say much more knowing as little as I do. I will add, though, that
the reality of student frustration in pursuing their interests can mean all
sorts of things, including a sorting out of what they're deeply interested
in, versus what they simply think they're interested in.
 I hope some of this is helpful.

"If there is no bliss in our work, no passion or
ecstasy, we have not yet found our work. We
may have a job, but we do not yet have work."
-- Matthew Fox, _The Reinvention of Work_
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