Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] what would you do?

From: Ryan Singer <>
Date: Thu Nov 10 21:08:00 2005

I noticed two things from your email:

1. Your child is very shy/non-assertive
2. You have an excellent rapport with him.

It might be a good idea to have a general talk with him about how he feels
when other people don't get excited about the things he likes and/or how he
feels about being shy in general. Being shy is not a personality flaw, but
sometimes shy people are eager to learn how to be more assertive and just
need help learning. I wouldn't worry too much, you sound like a very good
mother and I am sure that your son is growing up well.

On 11/10/05, Ann Ide <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My eleven year old son has a strong interest in learning to draw Japanese
> Manga. There are some older students at school who know how, and are quite
> good at it. However, he says he is too shy to ask them, so he is just
> resigning about it. He also wants to learn Japanese, but was told by a staff
> that she didn't know anyone at school who knew it and he should just do a
> search on it. And that was the end of school, anyway. He still
> persists about it at home, and does what he can on his own with library
> books and on-line. But it's not really enough. In the past, he wanted to get
> some Improv going; but that went nowhere, too. This dismays me. Is there any
> point when it is appropriate for me to intervene? If he hasn't developed the
> assertiveness, and belief in the possibility, for it to happen, do we just
> let it go until/if he does? Everything written about the model says it is a
> place where students can pursue their interests. Obviously his other
> interests are being satisfied there; but what about these which require a
> bit more to make them happen? It doesn't seem right that we should have to
> pursue such things outside of school. I understand the staff can't cover
> every interest. Therefore, shouldn't outside resources be brought in,
> especially if we pay extra to cover the extra cost?
> What thoughts do you have about this?
> Thanks,
> Ann Ide

Ryan Singer
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