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From: Matt Pitcher <matt_at_mattpitcher.com>
Date: Thu Oct 20 16:26:01 2005

Anybody (everybody!) want to submit Sudbury as the "idea"?


attached mail follows:

Dear Matt,

Over the past six weeks you have been part of an unprecedented
discussion on education. Thanks to each of you the discussion has
included people who care about education from a number of
perspectives teachers, students, parents, administrators, policy
experts, and governors from across the country.

We discussed investing in early childhood education, parental
involvement, lengthening the school year and even teacher

The discussion went beyond the borders of HeartlandPac.org – it
included input from a number of bloggers and community websites
including Dailykos.com, one of the leading online communities of
Democrats. This discussion has brought out many new ideas and
solutions to some of the problems we face.

But talking about the problems and the solutions only does so much.
We need your ideas:


Believe me. This is not an idle exercise. To win the elections we
need bold new ideas and best practices. We need to reach out so our
candidates can hear about ideas and programs that work across the
country and not leave the policy process to a few people in
Washington DC.

When we all began this discussion it was for this purpose -- to make
sure the best ideas get from the grassroots to our candidates for
Governor and other down-ballot offices.

Your ideas will be compiled, discussed on the website, and sent to
candidates across the country. Please take a moment to submit your


Your ideas on education are just the beginning. Once we have
published the document we created together, we will take on other
issues. We invite your suggestion on the next discussion topic.

Governing is about acting on values Help us by sharing what you
value most and offering your ideas and best practice. We need to
work as a together, as a community, to achieve the American Dream.

Thank you again for all your work on this project.


Tom Vilsack

PS: The best way to send a message that our Country is seriously
off-track is to actively participate in the Virginia and New Jersey
gubernatorial elections. Please volunteer for a campaign if you can:

You don't need to be a voter to help. Help educate your friends
about Tim Kaine and Jon Corzine and what they will do for their
states: http://www.heartlandpac.org/actnow----

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