Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: David Rovner <>
Date: Wed Oct 12 16:09:00 2005

So attending Sudbury School _is not so_ compulsory as we tought in this list.

~ David

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  My daughter is a part-time attendee at a Sudbury school. To my knowledge, her part-time attendance has created no problems for the school or other students. She attends three days each week on a set schedule that includes the day of the weekly mandatory school meeting. She is currently serving on the Judicial Committee and today, one of her days away from the school, we are missing an excursion meeting. I'm sure we will get the information from that meeting tomorrow and she has already given her input for the meeting. Perhaps she is missing out on some of the decision-making process, but we consider that a small price to pay for the opportunity to spend time together during the week. I do not consider her part-time attendance as an attempt to avoid the "scut" or taking more from the community than she gives to the community. It simply works best in our family's schedule.



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