Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] RE: compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Wed Oct 12 12:40:00 2005

Personally, I think everyone is taking the attendance requirements
discussion way to seriously. Speaking for our school, we do not *force*
students to come to our school. We do monitor their attendance (as
required by our state laws). If there attendance becomes really
attrocious (like they are missing half the the days), then we send a
letter to the student. If their attendance continues to be awful, then
we send another letter. If it still continues, we make a motion to
remove the student from the school. We have made reached this point 5
or 6 times so far. Of these times, only one has ever passed. In the
case that passed, the student had attended the school for about 5 days
over the span of 3 months, he didn't respond to the second letter and he
didn't come to the school meeting to ask to be allowed to stay at the
school. He clearly did not want to be at the school.

In the past, we have allowed students to count the time not at school as
meeting the attendance requirements for the following reasons (and I
probably forgot some):

    * Go to Cuba for a month.
    * Go to St. John's for a week.
    * Attend classes at a community college.
    * Work as a professional model.
    * Go to China for a month.
    * Work as a landscaping assistant.

In general, any reasonable request made to the school meeting to count
time not spent at the school as meeting the attendance record has been

We are not trying to be draconian, but we do have state laws to
accomodate and we do feel that students who really don't want to be at
the school and make no effort to be at the school should not be enrolled
at the school.

Jeff Collins
Hudson Valley Sudbury School
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