Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] The Wheels on the Bus

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Date: Wed Oct 12 11:30:00 2005

If he trusts his child, he will let him go. If it's really just the bus that
is luring him in, the novelty will wear off and he'll start to mind some of
the things about his day. If it's the other kids who are the draw, there may
not be anything you can do about it. This hypothetical parent can remind
himself that it's only kindergarden, and he can tell his son that if he doesn't
like school he can do something else, he doesn't have to keep going. Just
knowing that will give his son the freedom to make his own choices, which is the
essence of a Sudbury childhood. And he'll forever know that he's not missing
much and may not start pushing to go to traditional school in middle school,
which would be much harder on the parent. It would just be another life

Karen Hyams
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