Re: Conservatives (Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Extreme examples of traditional schools)

From: Karen Locke <>
Date: Wed Oct 12 10:48:01 2005

Sorry, I meant educationally conservative - thinking that schools are
supposed to stay the way they are, or go back to "the good old days". That
was the problem - their mental model of school was still there, even if they
on principle thought kids should be given more choices . That's what we ran
into a lot - kids should be given choices, but they should only pick the
ones that felt "educational" to the parents.

I think Sudbury gets that sometimes too - I remember stories about taking
down a bulletin board that contained class announcements, because parents
would come in, see the classes, and then pressure their kids to take them.
I think I remember that?

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> On Oct 11, 2005, at 20:08, Karen Locke wrote:
>> To me there needs to be this same menu available for families and
>> children. I think Sudbury needs to be there, and sometime in my life
>> I'd like to help start one here. There are other options needed for
>> people sho can't quite "go there", often because their background is too
>> limited. For example, we started a part-time, unschooler program like
>> some have talked about on this list. We had a family come from a really
>> conservative background - the father had gone to West Point. Needless
>> to say this wasn't a very comfortable fit, no matter how gung-ho they
>> were at the start of our program!
> Maybe I don't properly understand your program, but it's not at all
> obvious that this would be the case.
> There is no conflict between supporting or participating in a Sudbury
> model school and being politically/socially conservative, having found
> conventional educational institutions useful in one's own life, or
> serving in the military.
> What was the problem?
> ~Woty
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