[Discuss-sudbury-model] The Wheels on the Bus

From: Bendymind <bendymind_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Oct 12 10:34:00 2005

So here's a hypotheticalnot that I'm fairly sure I know what to do with, but
I thought I'd run it by you guys for just a bite of broader input. Thanks

Assume you're a parent. You've educated yourself on the true and not warped
variety of options available in the raising and education of children and
are a fast advocate of the Sudbury Model. Trouble is, due to certain and
currently unalterable, forces you find yourself residing in a part of the
country that doesn't have and would never even allow for that type of
alternative system. You're not going to last there, you'll move in a couple
or three years, but you're there for the duration which isn't much by grown
up account, but can seem like a long time to a little man who is your almost
four year old son. No sweat, says you, we'll home school meaning unschool,
be involved in real life community activities, he'll smart naturally, you'll
bogus bogus reports and no one will be any wiser. Then one day your son
decides he MUST go to school because other kids he knows from the playground
go to school and he's seen the school bus which looks pretty damn cool. He's
adamant yes despite fervent attempts at explanation and the only school for
miles and miles is Podunk Public. What do you do?
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