Re: Conservatives (Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Extreme examples of traditional schools)

From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Tue Oct 11 23:06:00 2005

Agreed. Traditional education or total immersion have been the only way
I have thus far been able to pick up second languages, although it is
the wrong model for me in terms of almost everything else. My partner,
who did well in the ROTC and junior cotillion and things like that,
learns some things better in free environments, but needs structure
from the outside for others. I think it's just a matter of the
individual's ways of thinking and absorbing information.


On 11 Oct, 2005, at 22.50, Woty wrote:

> On Oct 11, 2005, at 20:08, Karen Locke wrote:
>> To me there needs to be this same menu available for families and
>> children. I think Sudbury needs to be there, and sometime in my life
>> I'd like to help start one here. There are other options needed for
>> people sho can't quite "go there", often because their background is
>> too limited. For example, we started a part-time, unschooler program
>> like some have talked about on this list. We had a family come from
>> a really conservative background - the father had gone to West Point.
>> Needless to say this wasn't a very comfortable fit, no matter how
>> gung-ho they were at the start of our program!
> Maybe I don't properly understand your program, but it's not at all
> obvious that this would be the case.
> There is no conflict between supporting or participating in a Sudbury
> model school and being politically/socially conservative, having found
> conventional educational institutions useful in one's own life, or
> serving in the military.
> What was the problem?
> ~Woty
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