Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Kathleen Stilwell <>
Date: Tue Oct 11 13:32:00 2005

Thank you for making that clarification.

Jeff Collins <> wrote:
"I am uncomfortable with the perception that a Sudbury school "trains
folks up" and that a Sudbury school attempts to simulate the real world
instead of being part of the real world. As a Sudbury staff member, I
don't feel that it is my job to "train up" anyone up. I *do* feel that
it is part of my job to *help* (along with the other staff and the
students) to provide an environment where people can "train themselves
up". I suspect this is similar to what parents of unschooling kids
attempt to provide."

Before making the move across country, my son visited Fairhaven in Maryland. His primary interest was to discover whether or not there were hidden agendas on the part of school, staff, whomever, whatever. He was looking for a community to learn and grow with, but wanted to be certain that no one saw it as their job to "teach" him anything, to label him in any way, or to make life choices for him. He did more observing and listening than questioning on that visiting day. Apparently he sensed enough harmony with what he was looking for to ask me if this move would be possible for us. He enjoys the adventure of asking for what he wants at Fairhaven and in all of life. My son and his friends all seem deeply involved in "training themselves up".

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