Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Tue Oct 11 13:09:00 2005

Jesse Gallagher wrote:

>Unschooling--whatever else it may be in its countless
>permutations--is not schooling. It doesn't act as a
>filter or simulator for life's experiences. It *is*
>life. Where Sudbury trains folks up so they'll be
>more able to successfully be themselves when they hit
>the wide world, unschooling refuses to acknowledge the
>distinction between learning and living. All there
>*is* is the wide world--get to it.
I am uncomfortable with the perception that a Sudbury school "trains
folks up" and that a Sudbury school attempts to simulate the real world
instead of being part of the real world. As a Sudbury staff member, I
don't feel that it is my job to "train up" anyone up. I *do* feel that
it is part of my job to *help* (along with the other staff and the
students) to provide an environment where people can "train themselves
up". I suspect this is similar to what parents of unschooling kids
attempt to provide.

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