Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Kathleen Stilwell <>
Date: Tue Oct 11 12:17:00 2005

Just a comment on this statement:

Jesse Gallagher <> wrote:
"My experiences convinced me that the primary
difference between unschooling and
Sudbury-schooling--"no-school" vs.
"very-cool-school"--is a function of choices that the
parents make, not the children. "
My 16-year-old son is in his third year at Fairhaven School in Maryland, a Sudbury model school. He and I moved across country so that he could become part of this community. He was formerly an unschooler and still is an independent learner. So is his mother. Attending Fairhaven was his request. I supported his choice. He is very engaged with the Fairhaven community. He and his friends are also very engaged in all kinds of activities in the surrounding community and world. Their interests and collaboration continue even when the school itself is closed for holidays and vacation. If my son decided tomorrow that he'd rather pursue his dreams elsewhere or with other people, he knows he'd have my support. We did not choose Sudbury as an alternative to traditional school or to unschooling. We chose it because he was inclined to give it a try. And he's quite happy with that decision thus far.
Kathy Stilwell
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